Accelerando Partitur in grafischer Notation

für snare drum

Accelerando for snare drum consists of two parts: a text and a solo piece for snare drum. They form a diptych, a split union. None of the parts is a supplement to the other; neither a scoring nor a visualization of the other. The divergence and independence of both media are crucial to the piece. The performance of the piece should highlight this aspect.

The text: printed, as a letter or postcard, sent to the audience before the concert, posted on a blog, attached to an email; read by an unknown caller, a event organizer, a head of state, a computer voice on the train, the speakers in the foyer of a concert building; projected to a screen, a house or a spouse; copied by hand, a machine, faxed, slipped under the door; printed on a t-shirt; graved into a tombstone etc.

The solo piece has a fixed duration. It can be played sur scène, foreground or background of a stage, be part of a street scene; inside a small room, or entering new spaces, conquering; loud, hardly audible, in direct proximity or as a distant point on the horizon; transmitted via satellite from another country; synchronized to a video recording of a different interpretation of the same piece; etc.

„In a small musical gesture, that had come into fashion at the court – an accelerating figure performed on a small drum – he had begun to see an allegory on his own misfortune-clad life.“

The solo piece for snare drum consists of 120 drum hits. Their distances are logarithmically diminishing, all played in the same intensity – a forte, relative to the space in which it is played. The performer decides whether to play with or without snares. Two common drum sticks are used alternating.

It’s especially important for the piece, that the performer creates a tension that reaches over the whole accelerating process, that constitutes the piece. The moment when the drum is hit, shall not be calculated nor expected, but the performer surprised and reacting to that.

Therefore the piece shall be performed with a click-track. Every time the performer hears the click, he/she hits the drum. Download the click-track from as MP3 oder MIDI. It can be started by the performer on an MP3-player or by a technician via remote. One minute of silence at the beginning of the track is meant to allow to start the click-start outside and the enter stage and also to not be prepared even for the very first hit in the piece. More time can simply be added to click-track by the performer. ear phones and cables should be as invisible as possible to the audience.