Nico Sauer, born in Munich, living in Berlin, did his Bachelor in composition 2010-2015 with Prof. Wolfgang Rihm and Prof. Markus Hechtle at the University of Music in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is currently doing his Master in composition at the University of Music in Dresden, Germany, with Prof. Manos Tsangaris and Prof. Franz-Martin Olbrisch.

In his works he combines instrumental and electronic music, video, performance art and theater. He incorporates artistic antagonists which are supposed to endanger a perception of art to a degree at which a new perception is achieved.

In NeueMusik24-TV and on, sound ideas are sold as products in a home shopping show and on an online-shop. In the radio play/music theatre Deutsch-Afrika 2014 vintage sounds are reframed as a culture development aid for Africa and in Neue Musik für Afrika (contemporary music for Africa) the audience itself is called to choose sounds to be donated. In Composing Life Nico Sauer becomes a motivation coach, who shows how to achieve free, self- determined life from ‘the power of composition’. Love Me is a concert-installation in which a super slow-motion version of an old Elvis Presley song is imitated on self-playing guitars, while the composer multiplies himself, making performers and the audience wear ‘Nico-masks’. In Salary Music, 4 performers camouflaged as office workers, perform pieces in public spaces – at the borders of everyday situations and on the verge of society’s perceptional threshold.