Your Music.
Your Suit.
Your Sound.

The AcouSuit is a garment inspired by sound. A surface that reshapes its acoustic environment and reflects the wearer’s individual aesthetic perception.

Wherever you go, it’s your sound.

By passively transforming sound waves, the suit reshapes its acoustic environment while being capable of enhancing personal capabilities of musical listening.

The suit’s individualized structure diffracts and absorbs certain acoustic waves, cladding the wearer in a comfortable shell that emphasizes the individuality of aesthetic perception.

As individual as you are.

Your AcouSuit begins with the PsychoSonicTest™ (PST).  Through a variety of audiometrical, musical and aesthetical questions, we draw a psycho-sonographic map of your sonic perception. Translated into a surface of folds and curves alluding sound waves and the human ear cup, your AcouSuit becomes the symbol of the individuality and the beauty of personal hearing.